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Greetings Society Members,
            It is hard to believe that we are already at the middle of the third quarter, summer is almost over and kids are about to start school, if they haven’t already.  This past quarter has seen some subtle changes and improvements behind the scenes and hopefully you have had a chance to see and be part of some of them.  There has been many training sessions in the past quarter.  There are some important events coming up for you to show your support to the NHFPS and several more initiatives under way that you can be a part of.  The train is moving and you have a couple choices, hop on board and enjoy the ride or stand by and watch it fly by.
            NHFPS is the voice of life safety-- the efforts we apply to the tasks are for that purpose.  I am fortunate to have such a great cadre of dedicated professionals willing to step up and help or lead when times demand it.  My job would be greatly more difficult without them and for that I think all of them. The leadership of the NHFPS would like to think we have your best interest in mind when we represent you, so it is imperative that your voice is shared so we can represent faithfully.
            NHFPS has made many subtle changes over the last quarter, hopefully you have witnessed some of them.  The Web page has had some updates with the help of our new operations manager at Cornerstone management, Dee Rainville.  Dee has done a great job at working to allow online registration, online payment and updates to the information that is posted.  In the next couple months this effort will undergo even more change with a new web platform.  So make sure you check in often.  The goal is to have the ability to register for events, pay for events and renew your dues all online.
            NHFPS has completed the paperwork for the ICC chapter.  This will allow us to receive additional training and to offer CEU credits for the training we already offer.  We hope you are keeping track of the training calendar on line, or on our face book page, as we strive to post information as soon as we are aware so you have the most time to register and secure funding.
            NHFPS is having their first membership dinner.  Hopefully you have already been made aware of this through the multiple announcements and online registration links.  We hope as many of our members as possible will attend.  The plan is to have social interaction, cheese and crackers from 1800 to 1830, start the business meeting around 1830, dinner around 1900 and the dinner presentation by Minnesota fire marshal John Swanson.  John is sure to have an enlightening presentation in relation to the NFPA 72 signal code.  I hope you can join us Wednesday night the 19
th of August.  The Business end of the evening will be short.  We need to open nominations for the upcoming October election, approve the by-laws that were sent to all members and set the calendar for the 2016 year, and any other business that comes before the membership.
            NHFPS is happy to announce that the NFPA 72 class to be held on the 20th of August by John Swanson, is full.  This should be a great class on the NFPA 72 code and the interaction with IFC.  John has put together this full day class and we look forward to the delivery.
            NHFPS, NFSA, and NHFA are bringing “Rough and Final Inspections for Sprinkler Systems on September 10th.  I know there is still some room in this presentation and all the information can be found on the website.
            NHFPS has taken the lead with a residential sprinkler coalition.  If you are not familiar, we have taken an educational stance on this initiative and strive to use education as the tool for voluntary compliance and homeowner demand.  We have already had three meetings and the next one is August 25 at the fire marshal’s office in Concord.  If you want an invite, send me an  On September 23rd  the coalition will be hosting an educational session, side by side demonstration, and luncheon to kick off our educational campaign.  I hope as many of you as possible are able to attend and will spread the word to your colleagues.
            It is my hope that all of you in the society can recognize the hard work and efforts being put into the NHFPS to make it a better organization, one that truly carries the voice of life safety for all residents.  I hope that with the increased communication and subtle changes you will join me in making positive changes that the membership can be proud of for many more years to come.  As always your participation is appreciated as that is what keeps us going.  There is always room, and need, for help, from small projects to complex initiatives.  Contact me directly if you feel compelled to offer your services.  If you have an area of interest or if you need direction, I would be happy to help you get involved.
Fraternally yours,
Stephen R. Gallagher
Stephen Gallagher

Stephen R. Gallagher



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